october 27 , 2002 prague, futurm

today, it rained. we saw the berlin wall which reminded us of when soulside played an illegal show in east berlin and dodged officers in green wool overcoats, kalishnikov rifles and huge german shepards. everyone drove the same car and ate potatoes and cabbage. back in those days nobody had cell phones, email and there were countries called czechoslavakia, yugoslavia, east germany, the ussr and there might have been dinosaurs.

anyway, we head to prague (or praha as us pros call it) and on the border we are told there are too many of us and we have to turn back and pay a fine. ahh, maybe things haven't changed so much. somehow, famous tom silvertongues his way through and we discover the road to prague has been mostly destroyed by the floods they've had. things are not looking good because we are so late. but things pick up once we get on the highway because there are about 100 brothels with prostitutes in every window begging us and all of our fellow motorists to join them. you like party?

prague is amazingly beautiful even if it's raining and there are 10,000 mph winds. we stay on the top floor of this beautiful building and look out at the city but can hardly take it because the wind is so strong. it sounds like there are million witches cackling and flying around outside or something.

october 27, 2002   vienna, the flex

again with the rain. we head out of prague after watching the 600 year old clock strike 12 in the main square. then we hit the road for vienna-sadly, it's daylight and we see no more prostitutes hanging out in the freezing rain in their underwear. going across a border is always worrying because you never know what the psychological profile of the officer checking you through might be on that particular day. this day the officer seems to be in a good mood and it's smooth sailing into austria.

we are heading to the flex which is built inside an old abandoned subway station and is covered from floor to ceiling in metal contraptions and flashing gizmos of technological wonderment.

i'm worried about vienna because we have some old friends there who we've known since 1989 and it usually means drinking until dawn and passing in a pool of our own vomit-this would be especially bad since i'm running out of clean clothes. the show goes very well and during psycho-path's set, scott gets up on stage and sings a song with them. the show goes very well and then the disco starts-every show must have a post disco. so we hit the town and drink until dawn and make complete asses of ourselves. the citizens are glad to see us go. goodbye americans!

october 28, 2002   munich, backstage

i wake up in what seems alot like my bed. i'm not swimming in a pool of my own vomit. in fact, i can see quite clearly and i still have all of my limbs and i don't seem to be in prison clothes. looks like a good day so far! everybody walks around in a daze and we climb back in the van for our 350 km/700 hour trip to munich.

ahh, munich, home of the octoberfest, famous joe and a bunch of other stuff i can't see because it's dark out and we are on the outskirts of town.

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