october 30 , 2002 zagreb, kset

we have to cross 2 borders today to get to zagreb and like i said before, crossing borders is never very fun. this particular day we are very lucky and have no problems whatsoever.
zagreb is a pretty massive city and we haven't been this far in to former yugoslavia in a long time. everything is looking good, the club holds about 250 people and they've sold 450 tickets so far, we are staying at the hotel international, befitting us international types, and the accent we made up in the us seems to be the common tongue here.

the show is so packed that we can't get to the stage. we try to surf to the stage or parachute in but nothing seems to work. also, the people do not want to move because it's so packed, they push you right back. so we cancel the show and head to the international hotel bar... anyway, the show goes off well and the crowd seems very enthused though we can't escape the stage (all the world's a stage blah blah blah). this is our last show with psycho-path and we are sorry to leave them.

we head to the river where the drydocked boats are rockin the serious house beats croatian style. here i meet a really really thick necked croatian waiter who wants to know why i'm taking pictures-i want to know why i can't stop taking pictures too but i suppose that's a different problem. after narrowly escaping a former iron curtain beatdown, i encounter another drunken croat who yells at me in what sounds awfully like slurred gibberish about using the bathroom. he later brawls with some other huge guy in some sort of weird slow motion rock'em sock'em slow dance. this place is not for the weak of heart.

october 31, 2002   venice (maghera) , rivalto

today is halloween and i'm feeling like a scary monster. i see scott, sohrab and johnny aren't looking too much better. today we head to italy across 2 borders but it shouldn't a problem because we are fully eu certified, papers in order.


well, anyway, the italian border proves to be slightly more difficult than we anticipated. we are running late and they stop us at 4:30, hold our passports and talk to each for a long time. this is a job i think we are well trained for-sitting around, making stupid jokes and talking to each other about things like football and girls. i don't talk much about football but i could learn. they x-ray our bags and find nothing. they search our bags by hand and find nothing. they make us unload our entire van and bring out the dogs. they open all the cases and find nothing. the dogs find nothing. that's because we have nothing. but that doesn't stop us from waiting at the border for 4 hours. the border guard is pretty sure we can make it to the show by set time-hey great! thanks! that's so cool!

carmello, our italian agent calls us frantically and we arrive at the squat late but everything is ok. it's tom's (famous joe) birthday today-he is 17 and doesn't look a day younger.

november 1, 2002   torino, hiroshima mon amour

this is a good day-no borders to cross, we haven't been robbed and we eat yet another fantastic italian meal. italy is a far cry from the more northern european scene we've experienced so far-no rain, no clouds, no old cold wet situations. i like it. at dinner we get this sugarcube/alcohol concoction called zuccerino or something that has got to be illegal in the us. that, the wine, the beer and the grappa means that tonight's show will be very interesting.

things go well at the rock palace, hiroshima mon amour. we've played here before it moved locations and at this point pretty much anything italian is ok with me. we get a few indecent proposals after this show from some ladies and there is a massive disco post party. italians have got it right.

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