november 11, 2002 england to france-our first day off

today we drove down from leeds to dover to take the hovercraft over to france in order to see enon in lille, who we haven't seen in at least 12 hours. this is a pretty uneventful day except for some great stuff like missing the horrendous traffic outside of london going north and making the very last ferry to calais. also, the ring road of london has a part where you have to take a ferry. imagine if you took a plane ride and at some point the plane landed, all the pasengers got off and were taken to another airport on a donkey. kind of the same thing, but not really at all.

just outside of lille our van started doing interesting things - it stalled, the lights went out and then back on, then a strong burning smell. but somehow we made it and everything is perfect now. no problem.

we get to llille and discover that it is a beautiful town filled with beautiful people. beautiful sexy people. very very sexy french people who speak french and do french things. so we miss the enon show, but meet some very nice sexy french people who invite us back to their amazing apartment for a delicious french meal. not a bad start to france.

november 12, 2002   lille, l'aeronef

today is a great day-we all get to do our laundry and sleep. this is our first actual day off since the beginning of the tour. we are actually all very tired though being in france with the sexy beautiful french doesn't hurt at all. today is also our last show with interpol and we will be sad to see them go.

the aeronef is a great club for bands becuase it's in this huge complex that you can drive in and park overnight, load everthing into a massive elevator, and then go out the door to your hotel and shop at h&m all in the same location. it's a capiltalist consumerist dream! today we change our motto from take take take!! to consume consume consume!! there are all sorts of military people around with ak-47's to protect our ability to consume unhindered.

the bad thing is that the club has a decibal meter which doesn't allow us to go above 105 dbs in volume. instead of a massive wall of noise, we are forced to be a nice little retaining wall with a small shrubbery next to it with a little rabbit eating lettuce and a nice little flower smelling so fragrant. the mighty gvsb crumbles to the ground, felled like a mighty oak. we scamper off stage with our tails between our legs. the french government asks us to leave. all of the sexy french people with their style and grace turn on us-pointing at us and laughing. schoolchildren surround us and laugh at us and kick us and throw rocks at us. scott cries a little bit.

november 13, 2002 rotterdam, waterfront

we are sorry to say goodbye to lille but happy to say hello to holland now. we are heading to rotterdam, home of the cult of rem koolhaas and the whole city looks like a playskool set that hasn't been put away yet. gijs will exchange our van for our old van which is now repaired. the clouds part, a ray of sunlight falls upon us. we have found salvation. the old new old van is back and we can see out of the windows and go more than 40 kmp/h.

the show is really fun and we meet the band elk city from new york. apparently the best way to meet new yorkers when you are from new york is to go to europe and go on tour. they have been over here for almost 6 weeks and are heading home.

i fixed my bass pedal in leeds but i'm having a lot of problems with it now - it's absolutely out of control.

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