november 14, 2002 amsterdam, paradiso

amsterdam-home of a million bicycles and tons and tons of marijuana. tonight's show is a big konkurrent showcase with mùm, spoon, bright eyes and a billion other bands. the paradiso is a beautiful old venue that used to be a church. we do our soundcheck and it sounds like a hundred barking dogs. all bands do their thing and so do we. my bass pedal has become a real problem now-it wants to play hip hop and r&b while i'm trying to make it play rock. it's completely out of control and getting worse.

there are a million people everywhere backstage and on stage and in the venue all dancing in a bacchanalic frenzy. all i remember about this night is alcohol, a 120 kmp/h taxi ride, some naked women in a red window and a huge russian man in a leather trenchcoat.

november 15, 2002   brussels, ab

we awake in amsterdam to find that our van has been clamped -however, the parking police are very nice about it and call someone to come and get paid by us. they inform us that for the 67 euro charge we can park in the same spot all day! not bad considering it's about 3 euros for an hour. anyway, we head off for brussels and get caught in some seriously nasty traffic. we finally arrive at the ab and discover that it is possibly the nicest club in the entire world, if not the entire universe. there is tons of room for us and spoon on stage, there are 3 dressing rooms for us (good for our massive entourage of 2) and, well, it's just nice, ok? this is our last show with spoon and we bid them a fond adieu. they curse us because they got our old old new van-they limp away to their next show going 40 kmp/h. heh heh... so long suckers!

trivia time: brussels is the home of deus, victor horta-art nouveau architect extraordinaire and the patat, je crois.

november 16, 2002   le mans, be bop festival

today we decide we should drive to lemans and play a french festival called festival le be bop. it's going to be an eclectic bill and we are part of today's show along with horace andy, laudanum and no jazz. in keeping with the spirit of the fast cars of the lemans race track, we race across the beautiful french countryside. the advantage those cars have however, is that they get to drive on roads designed for speeds higher than 30 kmp/h. so we spend all day driving and it's pretty and all but it was a long day. when we get to lemans we follow the map we were faxed. this is fairly typical and is another reason why we're always late.

wow, this is a weird show, half the audience wanted horace andy and were bored out of their minds with our "wall of noise" (actually a wall this time) and the other half seem into it. still, we had a good time and got to hear horace andy, which ain't half bad. and once again the french prove themselves to be extremement sexy.

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