NEW NEWS (05.09.17)

-We are all somehow, magically, getting older and hopefully wiser. We are going to celebrate Scott's 50th in Prague on November 5th. We hope you'll plan an extraordinary trip to the magical, incredible, fantastic city of Prague and join us. It will be a blast! LUCERNA MUSIC BAR

- Well, another year has gone by... We played Riot Fest in Chicago with a bunch of bands including a reunion of the Misfits ☁ and got to stand around and watch The Specials which was a special kind of special. Then we trudged down to Austin to play the new Sound on Sound festival with lots of other talented folks including the fabulous Metz band. These shows all commemorated the 25th or 250th anniversary, hard to keep track, of VENUS LUX NO. 1 BABY which we still love.


-We have a new ep out now. It's called the Ghost List and it is just 5 songs because that's all you need really. Who listens to 11 songs these days?
You can get it at Epitonic in the US or at Cargo or Shiny Beast in Europe. We've heard shipping to other places is prohibitively expensive and well... that sucks.

-We are playing a bunch of shows in Europe in December. We just finished playing some east coast dates featuring our favorite singer, Mr. David Yow. We did some songs with him and he turned out to be a true gentleman... but we knew that already.

-We are playing a lot of shows this summer. Why? Because a. It is, shudder, the 20th Anniversary of the release of our first LP on Touch & Go Records-Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby. If you haven't heard this record it's probably because a. there are 897,765,35,098,554 other records out there to listen to and b. because you missed that whole "90s" thing and c. because maybe you heard it on spotify but whatever.

-Johnny's book company, Akashic Books, has been blowing up. There is such a preponderance of goodness it would be shameful to list them individually. Go check it out!

-Eli has been feverishly working in the studio producing, mixing and remixing the stars.

-Scott and Alexis recorded 6 new songs for their project Paramount Styles. Those may see the light of day eventually.

-Alexis has been playing with Obits, Bellini, Edsel and Paramount Styles and doing videos...

-Scott is putting out a new soloish record Paramount Styles "Failure American Style" through DeKonk records in Holland. Not sure if it's coming out in the US.

-We are playing some shows in Europe - Switzerland, Spain and Greece.

-We did 2 more shows for the Don't Look Back Series that we did in London. We played Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby in its entirety in NY and LA on July 20th and July 22nd last year. Bowery Ballroom in NY and the El Rey in LA.

-We performed at the Primavera Festival along with greats such as Sonic Youth, the Fall, the Melvins, Patty Smith, Battles, the White Stripes, the Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse and many, many others. We were on the beach looking out at the moon over the mediterranean. We were in Barcelona. We were next to the sewage treatment facility. Does life get any better?

-We danced and cried and sang throughout Europe from Italy to Macedonia to Bucharest and then to Paris in February. It was outstanding and amazing and incredible.

-We played the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Party in Chicago the weekend of September 8,9 and 10th. It was amazing to see all of our old friends and many people we'd never met before. Got to see Scratch Acid and Negative Approach which was phenomenal. Man or Astroman, Uzeda, Big Black, Shellac and many more. It was like all that crappy growing up stuff never happened!

-We were invited to play our album "Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby" in its entirety in London on July 21st at Koko for All Tomorrow's Parties. It went pretty well especially since we haven't played some of those songs since 1984 or something.

-We played the Paradiso on July 25th and the Paradiso is kind enough to provide a stream of the show. Here's the link:

-here's some weird news: Eli's bass, stolen from our van in canada about 4 years ago, turned up in a pawn shop. Scott's guitar, stolen from our trailer in texas, also turned up in a pawn shop. around the same time. bizarre.

-sony reissued Clerks on dvd as a 10 year anniversary celebratory masterpiece with additional footage.

-The Crow cartoon is being released on dvd - our music is in it.

-Alexis recorded with Bellini with Steve Albini in Austin in early August. The album is just about done with 11 new songs.

-johnny, scott and alexis played a bunch of shows with gina gershon in support of her new movie "prey for rock and roll." they got to play in Atlantic City and Mohegan Sun, a lifelong dream. They can die happy now. Except Alexis who will have to live down the shame of somehow being unable to play after a long evening of drinking and gambling. The candle is out.

-Also, check out the documentary called ROCKED with Gina Gershon. It's a documentary about the tour we did with her in support of Prey for Rock and Roll. It's on IFC maybe still, I'm not sure. It's a 6 part series and there are a ton of GVSB songs in it as well as some real good actin' by all of us. The DVD just came out so we are now immortalized digitally.

-sammich/dischord records have released the first soulside record. dig through the dischord site to find it! Like buried treasure!

-there is a new dischord 20 year anthology out now!

our record " you can't fight what you can't see" is out now on jadetree records. we did a month long tour in australia with magic dirt and the nation blue and just completed our u.s. and european tours with the yeah yeah yeahs, the pattern, the standard, enon, radio 4 and interpol.
-watch a video for our song "basstation" by director hillman curtis.

-eli put the wraps on the seafood record and has worked on the melissa auf der maur record. be on the lookout for more americruiser material. scott has finished his "operator" project and played some shows in europe. he also finished playing on courtney love and BT's new albums. alexis and scott have recorded a few new songs and played some shows in new york and paris. alexis played shows with bellini in italy (uzeda, don caballero). Bellini recorded a new album with Steve Albini in July in Austin. alexis has been playing with angela mccluskey - her new record The Things We Do is out now (produced by nathan larson of swiz and shudder to think). alexis also watched libidos rise when he performed with notorious heartthrob ed harcourt. johnny has released yet another book on akashic books. Johnny is a book releasin' fiend, unstoppable. johnny played some shows with craig wedren's band Baby and a show with liz phair.