september 22, 2002 driving to atlanta, stopping in new orleans to see radio 4 rock the house/bar

we are heading to new orleans because a)how can you pass new orleans aka sexy town without stopping by to say hi? and b) radio 4 is playing a show in this cool bar in the french quarter. we've secured a nice hotel right in the center and we are prepping ourselves for "gvsb gone wild." I'll get signed release forms from gvsb and then make millions on video of them without their shirts on. today's drive is really long but I've determined that at least 4 interesting things have happened despite all the boredom 1) we met the angriest, most disgruntled employee of all time at the taco bell 2) we crossed the mississippi and 3) I'm pretty sure I'll see britney spears tonight-I've left a thousand messages on her answering machine and I'm pretty sure it said she'd show up. 4) something else I can't remember. anyway, this guy was pissed to be working at taco bell and I don't blame him. except he was a dick and that's not nice.

ok, so we get to new orleans, la (the pelican state, pop. 4,468,976) and everything is looking very good: we have a great hotel, good parking for our "bus" and we are within stumbling distance of the bar where radio 4 is playing. we greet them as if we haven't seen them in months when in fact it's been about 6 hours. greg dulli shows up. drinking etc. blurring blurring blurring....

september 23, 2002   atlanta, echo lounge

I awake in a bed, alive. I'm hearing an alarm clock and I see light and the ceiling-my brain is functioning. this evil town has sapped my super powers and I must regain my strength. I summon all of my reserves and our band flees the state of louisiana, passing through mississippi (the magnolia state, pop. 2,844,658) and alabama (the yellowhammer state, pop. 4,447,100) in order to reach atlanta, ga (the peach state, pop. 8,186,453), or as we in the biz call it - "hotlanta." apparently the evil forces of "the big easy" have taken little notice of our departure, knowing full well they have done more than enough damage already. we will return, and this time it will be on our terms! there will be little conversation amongst us as we concentrate on staying vertical, or at least less than fully horizontal.

september 24, 2002   carrboro, go studio room 4

as always, atlanta is hot hot hot and we are off, after a rousing breakfast at waffle house (no champagne this time). this will be yet another day of long driving as we head north to carrboro/chapel hill, n.c. (the tar heel state, pop. 8,049,313) home of superchunk and merge records. this is a pretty nice drive if you like lots of traffic, kudzu and looking at massive office complexes of tyco and bmw in south carolina (the palmetto state, pop. 4,012,012), which I do. I have managed to launder my clothes earlier, but eli and johnny are still not masters of their funk. we eat some mexican food while we wait for the laundry (this is not the restaurant near the club) and in back I find some of the biggest cockroaches playing in the scum I've ever seen. I long to join them and frolic in the old grease stains and excrement but alas I must go across town and rock out. bidding my new found sextoped friends adieu I hop back in the van to spend some time with the good folks at go! room 4.

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