october 4, 2002   the city of new york city, bowery ballroom

well well well if it isn't the great city of new york city. we meet again, but this time, on my terms! this is our last show on this tour and what better place to play than bowery ballroom. the show is a power packed extreme nyc showcase of nyc extreme nyc bands! ladies and gentlemen, hot socky, dopo yume, radio 4 and the mighty gvsb! all in one special package for your listening pleasure! I could cry it's such a "magical" experience! shazaam! ted niceley is in the house! bono is in the house! friends, enemies and a guy with v-lux tatooed inside his lip. Now if ever there was an initiation rite into the gvsb army that would be it. there would also be other initiation rites like spankings, leather thongs, bunny suits, chocolate, easter baskets and so on. but this is neither the time nor place to get into all of that. wearing neither a leather bunny suit nor being covered with chocolate, we took the stage. The show went pretty well and on the last song (rockets are red) I split my snare in half-what a fitting end to the tour. The hammer of the gods? the rock of Gibraltar? the fires of vulcan? underarm smell from hell? whatever you call it, it was a great tour and we thank you all for coming out and saying hi and letting us invade your space with the infamous "dos bajos muy duro" assault. muchos gracias and so long america!!

this is the end of the us tour diary. thanks for tuning in...